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Feb 26, 2014 5:00pm EST
. >>> coming up virginia's new governor does something about the tax on hybrid vehicles. >> plus the forecasters got it right, so why was the commute such a mess this morning? erica grow gets us some answers. >> and metrobuses running red lights, more than 500 people have filed co >>> we're tracking another storm for next week. this is a bigger storm with more potential but not a straight snow, okay? it will arrive by the morning commute on monday. that's the bad news. the trends, colder and colder which would lead us to believe more of a wintery mix. that storm has a lot of moisture and potential. this one will gather some moisture from the gulf of mexico. we could see rain or ice ending in snow as we go through the day monday into monday nightues here's the storm way out hammering california. in fact, it's bringing much needed rain to california. then we have a new batch of arctic air. the two start tracking across the country. the low tracks essentially into the mississippi river valley. arctic blast slides into portions of iowa and then it moves just kind of southwest of us.
Feb 27, 2014 5:00pm EST
. >> then a different kind of tax fight, are people with disabilities at a disadvantage? coming up an equal opportunity for the bottom line. >>> it is going to be another cold night across our neighborhood. that cold air will have a big impact on what form of storm we're tracking for next monday is actually going to take. >> we've been talking about this for days now. first alert meteorologist topper shutt is in the weather system keeping a close eye on this system and this has got you concerned. >> it does. i wish it would be a pure snow. we're still tracking the storm by the morning commute on monday. something will be falling from the sky. models are trending colder which equals a wintery mix, time frame 5 a.m. monday to 3 a.m. tuesday. we could see rain and/or ice probably ending as snow. all the models seem to be in agreement it will end in snow monday evening or monday night. the storm is hammering california tonight and tomorrow and then it moves off to the east.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2